Baloch Literacy Campaign

Baloch Literacy Campaign

What is Baloch Literacy Campaign? 
Due to non-functionality of educational institutions and low literacy rate in Balochistan and other Baloch majority areas, Baloch Students Action Committee has launched Baloch Literacy Campaign to raise educational issues and urges the concerned authorities to take serious measures.
Baloch Literacy Campaign has been divided in several phases. In the first phase, Organization has decided to collect the data of schools throughout Balochistan and Baloch majority areas. After analyzing the compiled data, several events and programs will be held to raise awareness among Baloch masses. Then, we urge government to take serious measures.
Why is it necessary? 
We believe that “Education and Knowledge is the sole path to Power”. And, Baloch students need quality education, friendly environment and highly facilitated institutes to ehance their knowledge. So,  they make the foundations of Baloch society even stronger. In today’s world, the education has become a basic need instead of privilege, but Baloch majority areas are still deprived of educational institutes. And, the areas, where schools are granted, have no infrastructure. In such circumstances where educational conditions are more than worst it becomes the need of an hour to launch a literacy campaign to highlight the educational issues and raise awareness among Baloch masses. 
What are your responsibilities? 
Visit your district administration and urge them to take strict measures in field of education. Visit your nearest schools and check its condition.

Become the part of our campaign by taking pictures/videos of schools or texting the data of schools to our WhatsApp (0311-2096573) and Email ( 
What Next? Organization collects and compiles the all the data, and a separate social media platform will be launched for Baloch Literacy Campaign. After launching a Documentary, Twitter Space and Online Webinar, a Grand Educational March will be held in Quetta. 
After Educational March, a seminar will be arranged in Quetta. All the data compiled by organization will be presented in sort of Research Paper as well as Documentary. Later on, various programmes and event will be arranged in other parts of Balochistan and Baloch majority areas. 
For further queries,

WhatsApp:- +923112096573


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